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Who Should Join BlackCreatorsHeadQuarters?

  • Emerging, mid-career, and experienced Black-identifying creatives who seek an encouraging community specifically committed to optimizing and amplifying the voices of Black authors and illustrators in children’s publishing.

  • Publishing pros such as editors, agents, and legal professionals who want to help Black creatives navigate the vast world publishing. 

  • Book reviewers, photographers, and journalists interested in using their prolific skills to amplify our mission.

  • Established authors and illustrators who want to serve as mentors to the members in our community.

  • Supporters and collaborators that are allies who, through various modes of contribution, want to advocate for Black creatives in children’s publishing.

Membership Advantages

In addition to joining a community of Black creatives in publishing and community support, BlackCreatorsHQ offers many benefits for varying levels of membership– for individuals as well as supporters and collaborators.

For Individual Creatives

  • Customized one-on-one and group guidance throughout the onboarding and selection process.

  • Connect with other individuals in the BlackCreatorsHQ community via social media groups to network, ask questions, and post/receive resourceful information.

  • Opportunities for growth in publishing through unique BlackCreatorsHQ programs.

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We are currently not accepting new members at this time.

Follow us on Twitter to be notified when we open back up!

For Publishing Professionals:

  • Access to a curated directory of Black creatives and resources in publishing.

  • Opportunities to connect with creatives in the BlackCreatorsHQ community locally or through private social media groups.

  • Speak to BlackCreatorsHQ at large about your own experiences in publishing.

  • Provide trainings and educational workshops.

For Supporters and Collaborators:

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This membership option is for anyone other than Black creatives and publishing professionals. Supporters and Collaborators will be included in a special, private network specifically created for advocates of the BlackCreatorsHQ mission. ​ (Coming Soon!)

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