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Anita Crawford Clark

Anita Crawford Clark’s artistic expression and storytelling always seemed like DNA traits that went hand in hand. Everyone in the family were natural storytellers. But according to her aunt, Dr. Margaret Washington of Cornell University, Anita’s artistic talent came from being born with an individually creative soul and with an infectious happiness about ostensibly mundane experiences.

There is no shortage of story ideas in Anita’s journals or file cabinets, which are filed with numerous ideas. But for Anita, writing is more than just a collection of ideas that she hopes to transform into story books. For Anita, her writing stems from a deep desire to empower her readers and give them a sense of their own potential and strength.

Anita started her college career at Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, CA. She went on to earn her BA in Sociology from UC Davis, an MFA in Creative Writing, and MS in Media Psychology. Anita lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Sacramento, CA.

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