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Welcome to the #BlackCreatorsinKidLit Corner!

We founded #BlackCreatorsInKidLit in 2020 because we weren’t seeing either ourselves or our children in the stories meant to enrich the lives of young readers across the world.

It’s time for that to change.

We’re authors and illustrators, parents and educators, allies and enthusiasts who tell stories that are authentic, complex, and nuanced portrayals of Black identity. We create stories that increase Black representation across all genres of children's literature.

Stories not only transport us to another realm but they inspire us to achieve greatness in our own world. Yet, finding inspiration isn’t as simple as opening up any book on the shelf. It’s estimated that less than one-third of children’s books depict stories featuring Black, Indigenous, or people of color, according to a 2020 report by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center.

Break it down even further, and just 11 percent of children’s books feature Black characters, and only 5 percent of children’s books are written by Black authors. Thus, it’s challenging to feel inspired when the characters or communities we read about aren’t reflective of our own experiences.

The disparities in kid lit shouldn’t be ignored.

To support our mission of increasing representation across children’s literature—while championing all Black creators—you can find the following resources on our blog:

  • Author and illustrator spotlights

  • Book reviews

  • Craft essays

  • Event recaps

  • Industry news and interviews

  • Special updates

  • and much, much more!

Black creators interested in joining our community may submit an application form. Allies may partner with us on craft discussions, critiques, webinars, and more by submitting an intake form.

We look forward to creating best-seller projects with you.



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